The Maison Piaget

Gold carving: the architects of dreams

At the Piaget Manufacture, designers, gemmologists, gem-setters and jewellers work together in perfect harmony.
Passion leads to excellence throughout all production stages, from the successful expression of an idea to the selection of rare gemstones, the most faithful interpretation of design sketches and the showcasing of gemstones.
A piece of jewellery is being created at one of the largest High Jewellery workshops in Geneva. A drawing is created and contours are revealed little by little. The carefully studied architecture begins to take shape, and gold is then painstakingly sculpted, adjusted, polished and buffed to reveal all of its glory. This is the moment of grace when the piece of jewellery comes to life. The gold is then enhanced by the brilliance of gemstones that a gem-setter sets with precision to perfectly showcase their beauty.
Nearly 340 hours of work by our designers, gemmologists, gem-setters and jewellers are required to create this Fine Jewellery necklace.