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Piaget Services

Regular preventive maintenance by an authorised Piaget service centre is the best way to protect your Piaget asset. Piaget ensures that its worldwide team of highly qualified professionals are constantly at your disposal. Only our watchmakers and jewellers are equipped with the apparatus, documentation, specific tools and original components that have been specifically designed for our creations. Our craftsmen regularly attend training courses to ensure that they remain at the peak of their profession. The lifespan of a Piaget creation is virtually limitless, provided that regular maintenance is carried out on it. For watches, the frequency is every three years, alternating between maintenance and complete services to rectify the natural wear of certain components and the deterioration of oils. A check for your jewellery is recommended every three to five years.

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Piaget luxury watch maintenance service
Piaget luxury watch complete service
Piaget luxury watch restoration service
Watch Maintenance Service
Piaget luxury watch complete diagnosis

The maintenance service is the ideal opportunity to bring your watch in for a periodic inspection to maintain its technical qualities. It also enables us to assess the current state of your watch. Our watchmakers make a thorough diagnosis and complete various checks on the movement. They also test the watch’s resistance to magnetic fields and water for a quartz watch whose seals and battery have been changed. The metal case and bracelet are then carefully cleaned. We recommend that you service your watch every three years, alternating between a maintenance service and a complete service. This requires between one and a half to two hours of work, followed by over 48 hours of testing. If any check gives a negative result, a complete service is required. After this service, you will be issued with a 12-month service guarantee covering the work and parts replaced.

Manually winding a watch movement
Changing all Piaget water-resistant watch joints
Piaget Polo luxury watch water-resistance test
Complete Watch Service

This service will give your watch a new lease of life. During a complete service, our craftsmen carefully disassemble the watch and its movement. All of the movement components (of which there are over one hundred in a mechanical watch) are cleaned. Worn parts, seals and batteries in quartz watches are replaced. The movement is then adjusted and its functions rigorously tested. We recommend that you service your watch every three years, alternating between a maintenance and a complete service. A complete service generally requires approx. one day of work followed by up to 500 hours of testing, depending on the model. In the end, you will take renewed pleasure in your watch, which will be as good as new.

Piaget luxury watch customer service
Piaget luxury watch movement customer service
Piaget luxury watch case
Piaget luxury watch dial
Diagnosis & Disassembly
Piaget luxury watch complete diagnosis

To carry out a complete service in the best possible conditions, the same watchmaker is in charge of all operations carried out on any given movement. All work is completed by hand and requires the expertise and years of experience that only watchmakers trained by Piaget can provide. All of the components required for a service are stored at our service centres throughout the world, which alone are authorised to use original Piaget parts. If a part is missing, our Manufacture can fabricate a new one as required. The watchmaker first conducts a magnetic check, before opening the case-back and removing the movement. A diagnosis is then made and an estimate is established if the client so wishes. The case and strap, which sometimes contain over 100 parts, are fully disassembled.

Testing how the watch runs
Complete disassembly of the watch case
Installing the watch hands
Movement Service

The watchmaker completely disassembles the movement by hand, part by part. This involves around one hundred parts for the simplest models and up to two hundred for the most complicated. Each part is cleaned in a series of special baths to remove all residual traces of lubricant. The watchmaker then checks the condition of all of the components that make up the movement. Any that are worn or no longer comply with Piaget's high quality criteria are systematically replaced. The battery in quartz watches is also replaced. The watchmaker then reassembles the movement by hand and adjusts and checks its various functions. He then lubricates the movement: this is a complex operation that involves several special oils in strictly controlled amounts. To finish, he checks the operation of the movement and makes any final adjustments that may be required.

Setting the movement balance
Completely disassembled movement
Balance spring to be replaced
Cleaning the movement parts
Aesthetic Operations
Manually checking the diamond setting

Our experienced craftsmen clean all the parts of the case and bracelet. They then hand-polish the case, bracelet and clasp. These operations are particularly delicate as each component often features an array of surface finishes. Equally intricate and sensitive are satin-finishing, engine-turning (guillochage), and diamond-polishing or lapping, which require partial protection of the various surfaces and often involve complete disassembly of the bracelet. For white-gold watches, our master craftsmen plate the surfaces with rhodium: a fine layer of rhodium is deposited on the gold to enhance its radiance and highlight the diamonds. A visual appraisal of the gem-setting is then performed by our jewellers.

Protecting the surfaces prior to intervention
Polishing a piece of the watch bracelet
Meticulously polishing the watch
Checks & Guarantee

Once the watchmaker has reassembled the bracelet and case, and installed the dial and hands on the movement, he then cases up the watch and makes any necessary adjustments. Before closing the case, all the seals are replaced, as well as any case-back screws that no longer comply with Piaget's quality criteria. Once again, the watch’s water-resistance is tested and a complete check of its functions and performance is carried out. Finally, wearing the watch is simulated on a device that reproduces the movements of the wrist to ensure that the movement is functioning correctly and that the adjustments are accurate. A final overall check is made at the end of the service. You will receive your watch with a twelve-month guarantee that covers the operations carried out and the parts that have been replaced. You will enjoy the sensation of having a watch that is as good as new.

Casing-up the luxury watch movement
Installing the case-back
Simulating the wearing of the watch
Final check, drawing up the watch guarantee
Restoration Service
Diamond setting a Piaget watch

The restoration service is intended for vintage or damaged models. It enables Piaget creations that you hold particularly dear to be restored as closely as possible to their original conditions. We therefore guarantee all purchasers of a Piaget model that we will always look for a customised solution to repair their possessions and ensure the long-term durability of their assets. At Piaget, we continue to preserve artisanal traditions: we still use time-honoured tools and pay particular attention to our heritage so that we are always in a position to consider our clients' requests. Only master watchmakers, jewellers and finishing experts approved by Piaget are entitled to carry out these delicate restoration operations that sometimes require several days of work.

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Piaget luxury watch parts
Piaget watch service
Watches and Jewellery

An in-depth diagnosis is made by an expert, who specifies the operations that must be carried out in order to make a watch operational and restore our creations as faithfully as possible to their aesthetic prime. Restoration work is carried out on vintage pieces and on those that have suffered accidental damage. In most cases, repair is possible. We carefully retain parts used in our watches and movements in stock for many years. If a part is not available, our Manufacture is able to tailor-make it in most cases thanks to our extensive experience, the considerable expertise of our craftsmen, and our comprehensive archives.

Piaget luxury watch complete diagnosis
Manually satin-finishing a vintage bracelet with a buffer
Piaget vintage luxury watch parts
Watch before and after restoration
Piaget 2P vintage movement

We strive to retain the original qualities of the objects entrusted to us for restoration. Movements are restored using the criteria applied at the time at which the watch was created. This is why an antique movement cannot generally provide the same performance as a contemporary movement. The restoration service includes in-depth study, historic research, delicate operations and occasionally the exceptional manufacture of certain parts. This explains why it can take several months before we are able to return your item to you. Upon completion of this service, you will benefit from a twelve-month guarantee that covers the intervention carried out and the parts replaced. You can thus enjoy the sensation of having a creation that is almost as good as new.

Checking a vintage watch with a magnifying glass
Gem-setting a luxury watch
Historical hand-written plans
Gudel lathe used to manufacture vintage parts
Piaget vintage luxury watch guarantee
Jewellery Services

Piaget offers a variety of services for its jewellery that can modify, refresh, or restore your cherished items. Our skilled master jewellers, gemmologists, gem-setters, engravers and polishers are attentive to your wishes. They contribute their expertise and experience to personalise your jewellery by adding engravings, to change the fastening mechanism of an ear clip, to resize a ring or to rhodium-plate and polish your jewellery. We also provide a restoration service for vintage or damaged items. Upon completion of these services, you will benefit from a twelve-month guarantee that covers the intervention carried out and the parts replaced. You can thus enjoy the sensation of having a creation that is almost as good as new.

Engraving a Piaget gold and diamond ring
Piaget diamond ring service
Piaget jewellery service
Piaget Possession white-gold and diamond ring
Engraving and Polishing
Manually engraving a Piaget ring

Engraving and polishing jewellery are just two of the many services available. Engraving a piece of jewellery is a way of personalising it or immortalising an important event in your life, such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary. Polishing will restore the brilliance of your jewellery to close to its original condition. It is carried out entirely by hand by highly experienced polishers, who use various artisanal techniques in precise order. Depending on how your item of jewellery is worn, we recommend having it polished every three to five years. White-gold jewellery is rhodium-plated after polishing. Precious stones and their settings are carefully checked individually by hand.

Checking the setting on a diamond ring
Polishing a Piaget white-gold ring
Piaget white-gold and diamond ring finishes
Sizing & Earrings

Sizing involves adjusting the size of certain pieces of jewellery, depending on your requirements or wishes. The size of your Piaget jewellery can be adjusted by our jewellers, providing the model lends itself to resizing. If required, our gem-setters will add diamonds to retain the integrity of the original design. This service also includes polishing and rhodium-plating for white-gold jewellery. All of these operations are carried out by hand. Finally, a rigorous inspection is made of the stones and their settings. Most Piaget earrings are designed so that the fastening system can be modified at any time during their existence. Our jewellers can thus replace studs with clips, or vice versa, according to your wishes.

Resizing a Piaget diamond ring
Intervention on a Piaget earring post
Manually checking the diamond setting
Diamond ring after resizing
Piaget earring with the post taken off