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Malcolm Borwick

Through his involvement in the sport Malcolm has bought about change by spearheading initiatives including establishing the British Professional Polo Association. While managing and playing in the England first team Malcolm introduced personalised training routines and employed a sports psychologist creating a more professional environment.
Today these are standard practice. He also developed a program nurturing British talent, many of these players have gone onto to play for England.

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Malcolm began his professional career as a polo player after graduating from the University of Durham in 2000.  His family has always been deeply involved in Polo: his great-grandfather played the prestigious Westchester Cup in 1902 and his grandmother took part in the first game for ladies in 1924. For more than 10 years Malcolm has been a member of the English national team, with which he played over 50 games including two World Cups.

Malcolm Borwick (+6) is not only one of the best British polo players, but also a Royal Salute Ambassador. He has been part of the England Team Selection eight times, with which he played over 50 games including two World Cups. And he is close friends with the English Royalty.

In addition to playing polo, he runs a company that does business consultancy in polo.

Malcolm personifies the spirit of the modern Piaget man, not only excelling in his field of expertise but going above and beyond consistently.

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